Lilia Leutenegger (Chepikova)
classical violinist
Avenue de Morges 163, 1004 Lausanne
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Lilia Leutenegger (Chepikova) was born in Russia in 1985. She started to play the violin at 5 years old. In 1999, she entered the Moscow Central Music School. In 2003, Lilia continued her musical education at the Moscow State Conservatory where she was awarded a Master's degree. In 2008, Lilia moved to Tampere, Finland to study at the Turun Amattikorkeakoulu (Turku University of Applied Sciences) with Alexander Vinnitsky.

Since 2009, Lilia has been in Switzerland. She studied at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève with Professor Sergey Ostrovsky and in 2011, entered HEMU in Lausanne with Prof. Gyula Stuller and later with Pierre Amoyal. During the 2014/2015 academic year Lilia has been studying with Madame Barbara Doll at the Hochshule der Künste Bern. Now Lilia Leutenegger lives in Lausanne.
Orchestral activity
member of the orchestra Argovia Philharmonic
member of the orchestra Sinfonietta de Lausanne
replacement in the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana
replacement in the Orchestre de Chambre de Genève
replacement in the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande
replacement in the Orchestre de Chambre de Lausanne
replacement in the Orquestra de la Comunitat Valenciana
replacement in the orchestra Tampere Filharmonia
member of the orchestra State Academic Symphony Chapel of Russia
Chamber Music Activity
Part in
— Member of the string quartet ''KLAN'' based in Zürich
— Member of the chamber music ensemble ''Art-en-Ciel'' based in Lausanne
Internships and masterclasses
— Ticino Musica (2011 and 2014, Switzerland)
— Easter Violin Masterclasse in Blonay (Switzerland, 2012)
— Musical Academy in Morges (Switzerland, 2011)
— Chamber Music Pedagogical Conference (Finland, 2007)
— Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music (United States, 2006)
Teaching Activity
Lilia Leutenegger (Chepikova) is a professor of violin at the Academy of Music in Geneva and at the Center of the musical orientation ''Ecomuse". She has been actively involved with teaching children for the past 10 years including as coach for the second violins of the children's orchestra "Piccolo" (2013), directed by Maestro Michel Veillon for the Conservatory de Lausanne's musical development program.

Lilia Is also currently preparing a private student for a competition after having worked with her to win entry to the prestigious Conservatory of Lausanne.
J. Siberlius Concerto Op.47 Allegro moderato, performed by Lilia Chepikova in the concert on 13 August 2011 in the Temple de Morges
Vivaldi — Bazajet — Sposa son disprezzata. Hanina Piller (mezzo-soprano), Sylvie Brunet-Fontaine (piano), Lilia Leutenegger (violin).
Avenue de Morges 163, 1004 Lausanne
+41 (0) 78 815 53 08
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